“Fishing” is a narrow vision of this wonderful excursion — the bonfire on the beach was fantastic. Food like home and most everything was taken into consideration in advance.

~ Brian

I came for the company, I stayed for the fishing. No, really, even for a non-fisherman it was a great experience. Thanks for having us aboard your fine vessel. Even in those “dangerous seas” I felt safe. Thanks again.

~ Mike D., Yorba, CA

Simply put, this was a fishing trip of a lifetime! More fish than you care to reel in. You know it’s good when you are throwing back 30-pound salmon. Thanks to Captain Ken for the very memorable excursion on the Zodiac! Great time was had & we’ll see you next year!

~ Robert L., Fullerton, CA

Absolutely the best fishing trip ever — scenery, meals & most of all fishing. You covered a lot of water — such a variety of fish. You are the ultimate fishing guide and host with the most to offer.

~ Bryan S., Oshawa, ON

If you read this on your first day…be prepared for the experience of a lifetime. You are going to step off this boat an experienced member of an actually working holiday. You are going to sleep well with a grin on your face and a sore arm. Reeling is a bitch. Now shape up and remember, “fish on!”

~ Thomas M.

I have been salmon fishing over 25 times and I believe this was the most unique trip I have ever been on. The diversity of fishing was incredible. I came to catch my limit of halibut and I came away very satisfied with my catch. Ken Seymour is a pro and knows how to make your trip. I will be back.

p.s. I brought my spouse, my sister and her husband, and two 16 year-olds. They all did well.

~ Gordon I., Calgary, AB

A wonderful experience, like fishing from my living room with the deck room on the Jennifer Gayle. Smooth ride in most any weather conditions. Spoiled to the utmost with wonderful food. Suggestions: bring more ice cream.

~ Larry C., West Vancouver, B.C.

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